24 January 2007

Personally, I Blame Tyler Perry

I've gotten several1 interlibrary loan requests in the past two weeks from the same library for this book. When this book was first requested, I sent a courtesy email to the interlibrary loan person stating that it was a new acquisition for us, so I had to deny it, a common procedure for libraries.

The person at the other library thanked me for responding and has subsequently sent more requests. I think it's at the point where that library should just go ahead and purchase the book what with all the repeated requests. It just might be more cost-effective.

1By several, I believe that as of today I've gotten at least five, possibly six, interlibrary loan requests for this book from this same library in a two-week span.


At 25 January, 2007 11:39, Blogger The Topiary Cow said...

Topiary Cow in a fit of boredom read another book by the same author.

Not worth it. Definitely not worth acquisition money--if the library is in the mood to buy self-help books there are many written by more more qualified authors, with much better advice.

As for the ILL librarian to repeatedly request the same book from an institution which hasn't acquired it---Hello? Anybody home? Perhaps a note to the supervisor is in order.

Unless it's just a keystroke on the computer to deny it, in that case, easier just to keep routing it on. Maybe they'll eventually learn.

At 25 January, 2007 11:57, Blogger The Library Guy said...

It is just a keystroke (or mouse click, if you will) to deny the request, so I just route it to the next library on the list. Requests can be made to a maximum of five libraries at a time.

Whenever I've had to make a second round of requests for books denied by libraries in my first request, I've made sure to ask different libraries. Hopefully, this person will learn.


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