13 January 2007

Reading Books and Selling Pottery

I got back from my mother's shop a little over an hour ago. I'm watching the Colts-Ravens game.

I finally finished reading Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. It's a great book and worthy of the praise that it's received. It's definitely a recommended book; however, it's not a book one reads if one has a lot of things going on in his or her life. 1,006 pages.

When I wasn't reading her book as well as the latest Dick Francis book (which I also finished-- it was a quick read), I was working. I wasn't shifting and moving pots because the truck had not arrived as anticipated. Customers came to the shop-- looking around, making purchases, and wanting to visit with my mother.

I may head up to Laurel in a few minutes to visit some friends and watch the Eagles-Saints game. Next up on the reading list, Margaret McMullan's How I Found the Strong.


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