07 January 2007

Lonely Train

Sunday afternoon. I'm at the house watching a football game and listening to the Friday Night Lights soundtrack.

The weekend's been pretty quiet. I went to Fenian's for a little while Friday. I relaxed. I saw and spoke to some folks I know-- friends away from the college as well as one I know from the college.

Seth Libbey and the Liberals played. I stayed for a little while. I left at about a quarter 'til eleven. I went downtown and was there for a short period of time. I left for the house a little before midnight.

Saturday morning. My oldest friend from college calls. I had sent an email message to many of my friends about exercising-- essentially what I had mentioned in my January 1 post. He's had experience losing weight-- having gained a lot of weight in the course of taking steroids for cancer treatment a few years back and losing a lot of that weight.

We talk for a while. He wants to reach the weight he had when we were freshmen at MSU. It was good to talk to him. My life's been so busy I've not had many chances to go up to Starkville where he lives to visit. We agree we need to meet up, go see a MSU basketball game, and play a little NCAA 2007 EA Sports football.

I don't have a target weight. Heck, I don't even know what I weigh now. I know that people have asked me in the past if I've been on a diet because they think I've lost weight. Maybe I have, but I don't know.

I think of when I spent a couple months in Europe back in 1994. No Big Gulps. No all you can eat buffets. Walking to a lot of places every day. I lost about 20 pounds that summer. If that isn't an indictment of America, I don't know what is.

Saturday afternoon. I feel lazy. What with New Year's Day being on a Monday, it doesn't really feel like it's the weekend, but I'm glad it's not a weekday. I don't feel like working.

I watch the first wild card game. I'm a bit sleepy and decide to take a nap. When I awake, the second wild card game is on. It sucks to be Tony Romo. Shades of North Dallas Forty.

Saturday night. I don't feel like going out. I'm a little hungry. I decide to eat some popcorn and drink some instant hot cocoa. It's not cold outside, but I felt like drinking it.

It's Sunday afternoon. I've got to be at work tomorrow morning. I'm so not used to being at work at 8 a.m. Monday. I enjoy the fact that I get to sleep in some on Mondays and come in to work in the afternoon.

I believe I'm going to take advantage of an offer by a local gym, but I want to speak to someone who's offered to be an exercise buddy for me to see if everything is a go. I hope it is. If so, I'll go by the gym and sign up. I called Friday and the quoted rates are extremely reasonable and are valid for the rest of the month.


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