01 January 2007

Thoughts at the Beginning of a New Year

Well, it's 2007. I went to a New Year's party-- even had a lot of fun.

One thing I've learned as I age is that when the opportunity to have fun presents itself, you take it. I got to see many friends, acquaintances, and people who I'd not previously met. It was great.

With 2006 being such a hectic year for me, I welcomed this last chance of the year to unwind and be with people I know, like, and love. With 2007 being here, I enjoyed being with friends, renewing acquaintances, and meeting people I've heard great things about but had not had the opportunity to meet.

Simple pleasures are what I love. Having fun with people. There isn't much that could be better. And I think that's saying something considering that as much as I love socializing, I'm an introvert who is more comfortable in smaller groups.

I'll also be forty years old this year, and I'm still single. I'm not surprised. Heh. Nothing quite says romance to Mississippi women like a male librarian who doesn't attend church.

I've done the match.com thing and was completely disappointed. Several of my friends have met and married (and are also currently engaged) thanks to online services such as match.com, but it's not worked for me.

I've been thinking more and more about doing something different. One thing I would like to do, should do more often really if it hasn't been for the fact that my life has been so hectic, is more exercise.

This past August, one of my cousins died. He had a heart attack a few weeks prior to his death, which I thought was a bit surprising since he was in better shape than I am. I still don't know the cause of his death though.

Since then, my mother has been on my case that I should exercise more often. I don't know if it's because she wants me to exercise or if she wants me to socialize. Personally, I think my mother would like it if I got married and she had more grandchildren.

However, I have two problems with exercise. The first is my hectic life. The second is my laid-back attitude. I have to be motivated-- essentially I hope I could exercise with a friend. If I think I have some sort of responsibility, then that might work. Of course, schedules also play a role.

I go back to work tomorrow. There's a part of me who looks forward to working-- I've been away since December 21. And the semester doesn't start for another two weeks. There's also a part of me who wants to take some more time away from work. At times, it felt like that 2006 was three years long.

I hope 2007 is a good year-- not just personally, but as far as the world is concerned. Peace, y'all.


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