08 December 2006

Silent Frigidity

Before I go into the purpose (mayhaps purposes?) of this blog entry, I'll start off with a brief comment concerning my football prognosticating skills (or lack thereof). I correctly predicted six out of seven state champions last week. I missed Franklin County. The Bulldogs won MHSAA Class 3A by defeating Nettleton, which put my prediction record at 123-36.

Anyway, It's cold. I didn't check the temperature before I left for work today and was a bit surprised to see that a fountain located in front of a business had been running during the night and was frozen over. It actually looked kind of beautiful.

One of my junior high and high school teachers died earlier this week. His funeral's today. I've got responsibilities here at the library and can't make it. I couldn't make it to his wake yesterday evening either.

I attended a Christmas party yesterday evening at the college. It was held at the college's conference center. Faculty and staff members, their families, retirees, trustees, and members of the community show up. It's a good chance to visit, a good chance to socialize. I got to chat with some people I know not only from the library, but also different departments-- not to mention retirees.

I missed a chance to go to a Richard Ford booksigning at Lemuria. I may run by there later today and pick up a book. I had also been thinking about heading down to Hattiesburg this evening to help out my mother with her shop. However, the temperatures are supposed to be colder again tonight, so I think I'll stick around here today and head down tomorrow morning. It should be warmer this weekend.

This past week has been hectic. I've been working on Christmas cards. I've distributed most of them. I still have some more to send.

I don't mind my life being hectic. I like being busy. It keeps me occupied. I really need to start reading the book club book. I'll begin this weekend-- most likely Saturday in my mother's shop.

I also had some stuff to do around the house. Maintenance. Cleaning. All sorts of lovely things.

Monday, I saw a squirrel get out of the attic. I nailed down that screen again and sprayed some repellent. I might need to break out the humane trap again. I caught a squirrel with the humane trap once before and released it at a rest stop on the Trace.

While I like being busy, I don't mind relaxing either. I saw Factotum Monday evening. I thought it was a really good movie.

I worked Tuesday night at the library. Wednesday, I was pretty tired. I decided to just stay at the house.

I thought about heading out tonight and have a little fun-- getting to see people. It was just too cold. I want to stay in and be warm.

On an unrelated note, click and enjoy this blast from the past.


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