03 January 2007

The Seven Deadly Trivia Questions

I'm well known for being a trivia geek. I used to play Pub Quiz at Hal & Mal's pretty regularly. I still play it on occasion, but not nearly as often as I once did.

I've always been fascinated with trivia. I'm a generalist who knows a lot of stuff. People have generously described me more than once as a genius. I tend to refer to myself as a veritable fount of useless information, which is pretty useful in my profession.

I was on College Bowl teams representing Mississippi State and Southern Miss when I was a student. I also did the NTN thing-- winning bar gift certificates more than a few times. I've even taken and passed the Jeopardy contestant test twice.

A year ago, my dean gave us daily calendars. My calendar was the 2006 Jeopardy Daily Calendar. One of my co-workers-- who I'll call Pezgirl-- gave me the 2007 version of the Jeopardy calendar with the proviso that we each answer the questions and see how much money we earn over the course of the year. We began yesterday, and I will provide updates every few days.

Photos have been posted from the New Year's Seven Deadly Sins Party. TD posted about it. I decided to be a pirate. I figured that a pirate could easily represent most if not all of the sins.

I have no idea what happened to the eyepatch at the end. I think someone else might have taken it. You can also check out my myspace page and see a couple of photos taken of me at the party.


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