09 January 2007

Where Did We Go Right?

Last week, I won tickets to see The Producers thanks to a Jackson Free Press contest. I've been a big Mel Brooks fan for many years.

The tickets were for tonight's show, which would have normally conflicted with book club. Fortunately, we postponed our book club meeting to tomorrow night.

Fairy Penguin and I saw the show. We had fantastic seats. The show was great. We both agreed that the actor who was portraying Max Bialystock was excellent.

I thought he did really well because when he performed, I wasn't thinking of how Zero Mostel played that same character. The actor who played Leo Bloom was good, but there were moments when I was thinking of Gene Wilder's performance in that same role.

Fairy Penguin mentioned that she'd not seen the movie. I mentioned to her that we need to see it sometime. It is, after all, a classic.

Before we went to the show, we ate at the Elite where I'd not eaten until tonight. I'm still not all that familiar with many of the Jackson eateries-- especially the ones downtown. I rarely have opportunities what with my job not being in downtown Jackson.

I wanted to eat someplace where I wouldn't eat too many carbohydrates. One of the things a good friend of mine told me Saturday was that I should cut down on eating carbohydrates in the evenings while eating them during the morning and lunch, which is what I've done for the past two days, and in case you're wondering, I had the broiled red snapper and green beans tonight. It was very good.

One of my co-workers has also agreed to be an exercise buddy. We'll start later this month. We'll see how it goes.

Tomorrow night is book club. We're having the final Inheritance of Loss meeting. I've no idea what the next book will be.

A friend is also coming in from out of town. He's participating in a bridge tournament. A group of us will meet at the Cherokee and have some dinner. We also need to decide who'll pick him up at his hotel.

Tomorrow is also the first day of open registration at the college. We had faculty and staff meetings today. Registration will continue to Friday with late registration following.

My mother's expecting a shipment of pottery to arrive in the next day or two, and she's asked me if I could head over to Hattiesburg and help her move the pots to where she wants them. I have the feeling I will be making an appointment with the masseuse sometime next week.

Next week looks to be busy. I've got a dental appointment Monday. Fortunately, school won't be in session until Tuesday, so I can get that work accomplished, or at least started.

Tuesday is the first day of school, and I have an eye exam scheduled that afternoon when I get off work. The college changed insurance providers, so I'll find out how much of a change there is regarding vision.

My dean and some co-workers are heading off to Seattle a week from Thursday to attend the ALA Midwinter Conference. I've been forwarding them emails I've received from vendors regarding certain events that are happening.

I've asked if one could attend a luncheon where a vendor usually hands out CDs with documentation, powerpoints, etc., concerning products. I find the CDs to be very useful. I upload them to the library's intranet folder so that the library folks throughout the district can see what's available or coming up in the future.

While they're in Seattle, I'm here. I'll be working more hours at the reference desk.


At 10 January, 2007 11:06, Anonymous Harry said...

Going to drop in on Dylan while you're in the Emerald City?

At 10 January, 2007 11:49, Blogger The Library Guy said...

I won't be in the Emerald City even though I'd love to go. I've got to work here while co-workers are there. I'm probably not due for another ALA trip for another 2-3 years.


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