12 January 2007

The Inheritance of Loss; The Fellowship of Men and Women

I'm at my mother's house in Canebrake. She asked me to help her out at her shop this weekend.

She specifically asked that I come down Friday. Normally, she doesn't mind me socializing, but she needs some assistance this weekend. And, so I'm here.

Wednesday evening, I had dinner with some friends. One friend is over in Jackson to participate in a bridge tournament that's still ongoing. It was good to visit with him, Harry, and AA.

I attended book club after we finished eating. It was a good meeting. We were all disappointed in Inheritance of Loss though. I think I might have been the person who was the least irked by the book. I think I was slightly more puzzled.

It's a nice little book with a straightforward plot, and that is it's problem. Usually, the Booker winning books have not been straightforward. The next book selection is The Sea by John Banville.

The book club meeting was rather short. We really didn't feel like talking about Inheritance of Loss.

A few of us then went over to TD's place. We socialized for a while-- commiserating, talking, listening, reciting.

Yesterday, some co-workers and I met with a bookseller. I also helped out with open registration at the college. I was a policeman of sorts-- giving students directions to the cafeteria, the financial aid office, counseling, and the registrar's office, keeping students from entering the building where I was stationed while allowing those employed to pass through, and greeting people.

Oh, and I bought Girl Scout Cookies from the daughter of one of the instructors here at the college. When they arrive, I need to be sure to keep them at the college and eat them during the day when I need the energy as opposed to taking them home to eat.

Today, I prepared some for the beginning of the semester, which included scheduling times for a student worker to work, putting files in the library's intranet folder, working with an instructor to set up times for bibliographic instruction sessions for some of her classes, and sending books to libraries that made interlibrary loan requests.

Classes begin Tuesday.


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