19 January 2007

Three Days of the Librarian

A former co-worker of mine here at the college died Wednesday afternoon. She retired from the library just a year and a half ago. I'll attend her funeral tomorrow afternoon. I thought about going to the visitation this evening; however, I needed to pick up my car from the shop.

My car failed to start Wednesday evening at the Wal-Mart in Clinton. I went over there to purchase some glasses. I noticed that the price of gasoline had decreased, so I filled up the car's tank, and then, it wouldn't start.

Fortunately, I knew that a colleague of mine from the college was at the Wal-Mart. He was good enough to help me push the car to a space in the parking lot and drive me to my house. I wasn't really dressed to work on the car with the temperature being in the 30s along with it being rainy. He said he would drive me to work Thursday morning.

At the house, I called my next-door neighbor, who fortunately was at his house. We went to see if there was a problem with the battery cables or terminals, which was my initial diagnosis. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite as simple as I had hoped, and I had to get a mechanic to work on the car.

After I arrived at work yesterday, I called the repair shop that my neighbor recommended. I then called my neighbor. He had decided to go back to school, and he's taking classes at the college. He agreed to stop off at the shop where I dropped off the keys before returning to his house.

I spent the rest of the day at my house relaxing for the most part. What with me undergoing a dental procedure earlier in the week, it was good to get away-- if only for half a day. Later that afternoon, I called the repair shop where I was told that the car would be worked on today, and it was.

This morning, my neighbor and I went to the college. I mentioned to him that there was a chance that I might want to catch a ride with him after he was finished with classes for the day if the car was fixed in time. As it turned out, it was fixed later in the afternoon. I asked a co-worker if she could take me to the shop after work, and she did.

I've got the car back now. The mechanic mentioned that the car needed some additional work soon. Since I'm not planning on any long trips this weekend, I mentioned to him if it was possible to bring the car back a few days later, and he said that it was. It looks like that it'll be this coming Wednesday morning. I've already made arrangements with my neighbor to follow me to the shop and then drive me on to the college.

In the meantime, people's thoughts have been centered on my former co-worker who recently died. In addition, my dean and some co-workers are attending the ALA Midwinter Conference in Seattle, which means that the library hasn't been fully staffed the past couple days and won't be until my dean and co-workers return to work on Wednesday.

I'm going to go out and get something to eat and then return to the house. I think it'll be a fairly quiet weekend for me since I'm still taking medication for the aforementioned dental procedure.


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