28 January 2007

The Five Things Thing

Harry tagged me with this meme. Post five things you might not have known about me. Fortunately it's not "five things you might not have known about me, that you cared to know."

1. I never have liked to play tag. I've never been fleet-of-foot.

2. I could legally purchase beer while underage. My family at one time owned a grocery store, and I could sign checks, There were at least a couple of times where I had to write checks to distributors. So, while I couldn't buy beer as a retail customer, I was good to go as far as wholesale was concerned.

3. I didn't talk until I was three years old. I was one sick baby when I was born. Consequently, I was spoiled so much that all I needed to get stuff accomplished was to grunt and/or point. That ended when my parents took me to UMC and discovered that I was a near-genius.

4. I learned to write when I was two years old. I had to communicate somehow. I learned how to write cursive-style before I entered the first grade. The teacher had to tell me not to write in cursive. Apparently, first graders aren't supposed to have knowledge of these things.

5. I don't know how to ride a bike. I never had the opportunity to learn when I was younger. I wasn't really inclined to learn either. Why would I learn to ride a bike when I lived a few miles away from my friends?

So, who's next... I don't know, and I really don't care since I don't care for tag... Tell you what, five of you choose (if you've not been selected for this meme already) to do this if you wish. Just let me know if you do.


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