24 January 2007

Notes of Explanation

My colleagues had a safe return from Seattle. I'm glad they returned.1

The past several days have been hectic at work.2 Monday wasn't too bad for me. I had to open up the library-- not a big deal. I'm accustomed to arriving at work on Monday afternoons instead of Monday mornings. Oh well.

Yesterday was a busy day for me. I needed to attend a meeting in Jackson, and I had to arrive early at work in order to go with my colleague, Pezgirl.

I had to arrive at the library earlier than normal so that I could be Jeeves to another colleague's Wooster.3 In the course of accomplishing that task, other responsibilities came calling. Answering emails. Working on interlibrary loan requests. Scheduling bibliographic instruction sessions.4

After the meeting, Pezgirl and I returned to the library. I had intended to relax some, but duty called.5 Fortunately, lunch followed.6

After lunch, I had to complete some of the tasks that still needed to be done. I finally made it to the reference desk sometime after 2 p.m. and stayed on duty until the library closed.7

I dropped the car off at the shop before arriving at work this morning.8 I was pretty tired from working all day yesterday, and I worked some more time at the reference desk than originally intended today. I also stayed at the library a little longer than intended, but no big deal.9

After getting the car at the shop, I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a new pair of glasses.10 I thought that my new glasses had the same model frame as my older glasses, but of a different color. Apparently not.11

I thought about going to get some sushi after picking up my new pair of glasses, but decided against it. Instead, I dined at Fenian's before heading back to the house.12

1And I wasn't the only one. The only other co-worker in the reference section of the library is several months pregnant, and she left earlier than normal this afternoon. She had worked some extra time covering for me as well thanks to my automotive travails.

2Read the 19 January 2007 and 20 January 2007 posts for further details.

3Obviously, I'm referring to P.G. Wodehouse. Here is a list of characters in his Jeeves series. Incidentally, I've considered choosing a Wodehouse book for book club in the past. A Wodehouse book might just be my selection when it's my turn to choose. By the way, I did complete the tasks in question.

4Also colloquially known as library tours at our library even though the sessions don't necessarily require that students set foot in the library. While librarians at my college regularly conduct sessions in the library, we have been known to go to classrooms and computer laboratories not within the library building.

5Another bibliographic instruction session to schedule and more work-related emails.

6Lemon Poached Salmon, California Vegetables, Carrot Souffle, and Cinnamon Apples washed down with Diet Coke. I got the same meal to go for dinner that night. I purchased a Diet Dr Pepper to drink with that meal.

7The library closes at 9 p.m. I did get away for a few minutes for dinner. The student workers were kind enough to watch the desk while I ate.

8Fortunately, my next door neighbor attends classes at the college. He followed me to the shop and then drove us on to the college.

9I still am tired. One of the people who works the reference desk is also in charge of our archives. One of our instructors wanted to look up some information in our archival collection, and she wanted me to be at the desk earlier than normal so she could help. The person who is in charge of our archives was on duty until 4:30, some thirty minutes after I usually leave work. She drove me to the shop where I picked up the car. As you might expect, I greatly appreciated the ride.

10The cost was extremely reasonable considering the work that needed to be done to the car in addition to the 150,000-mile checkup. My new glasses are again of the rimless variety.

11The frames are metallic blue. The lenses I thought were the same size as my old pair of glasses, but they look to be a little bit smaller. Then again, what do I know? I have bad eyesight in one eye and terrible depth vision when seeing without my glasses.

12I called up Coppertop, Fairy Penguin, Harry, and the Diplomat. While I was tired, I also felt like talking to friends. Incidentally, I had the Irish Stew and Salad (no cucumber) along with a Diet Coke. If it wasn't for the amoxicillin, I would have had a Guinness. I've not had a beer since January 10. I think that future posts with bunches of notes like this post will be extremely uncommon.


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