16 July 2007


It's raining. It looks like it'll rain off and on all week.

I believe I'm going to skip out on the Extravaganza and head up to Starkville after work Thursday. While the Extravaganza may be tempting, I don't know too many people who'll be attending.1

As much of a night owl as I am normally, I'd function better with at least two hours more sleep that I would get if I had to drive from Clinton. I think sleep would be a good thing since I plan to stay up late reading Harry Potter Book 7.2

I got an email response over the weekend from Zanda, one of my Latvian friends.3 She's moving to be near her boyfriend next month. She's currently living in the Pacific Northwest, and her boyfriend lives in the Southwest.

I got word today that I will be teaching a continuing education class for the college in the fall.4 College employees have to take courses in different fields that would be related (one would hope) to their jobs. I've taught classes before as previously noted.

Last week, I asked if I could teach a class on RSS and aggregators. People here at the college have often made requests for articles from certain periodicals that are available via our subscribed on-line databases.

Lately, the databases have set up RSS feeds concerning these periodicals, which is something that would be useful for our faculty. At least, that's what I think. We'll see what happens.

1Other than a few people I know from college as well as those folks I know who post on Six Pack Speak. It'd be nice to see them, but otherwise, I'm thinking that the Extravaganza might not be all that special this go-around except for a final opportunity to hear Larry Templeton speak before his retirement.

2Very late, in fact.

3The little girl in the photo is Zanda's niece, and that photo was taken a little over five years ago at Gauja National Park. If you're interested, here's a nice blog entry regarding Gauja.

4Nothing terribly time-consuming on my part. The class should last only an hour, and I plan to offer three different classes at different times and dates so that people have options that would best help them.


At 16 July, 2007 22:55, Blogger Andy said...

I may go just to see the reaction LT gets.

At 16 July, 2007 23:49, Blogger The Library Guy said...

I wouldn't be surprised if he got a standing ovation. Of course, people could be applauding for various reasons.


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