15 July 2007

Kittens at Keifer's, Rollergirls, etc.

After work Friday, I relaxed. I went to Cups and then went to Keifer's.

I had a gyro, cottage fries, and diet coke. It was nice and cool so I went to the porch.

I saw a kitten wandering around outside. A moment later, the kitten wandered on to one side of the porch and crossed my path before going through the other side.

After eating, I went to the Rollergirls shindig at Hal & Mal's. I had fun.

I saw some people I knew. There were a couple of musical acts I enjoyed hearing.1

I won a basket in their raffle. Thankfully, it was the movie basket and not the rollergirls starter basket.2

I've nibbled on candy this weekend. I've not seen the movies or made use of the other prizes yet, but I will.

I know I was emailed something about an author appearance at Lemuria... Ah. here it is. I might attend it, but timing can be a problem. I get off work pretty close to the time of the book signing and reading, but I'll see what I can do.

I'm also heading up to Starkville to attend this conference. It should be helpful.

I'm still debating whether to head up there Friday morning or perhaps Thursday evening. I'm considering attending this event Thursday.

I know if I do drive up to Starkville Friday morning that I'm going to be very cranky. I am so not a morning person.

It's going to be a very long day for me because I'll be getting the seventh Harry Potter book at midnight, and the past couple of times I've gotten the Potter books, I've read them. That morning.3

At least I'll be able to get enough sleep for the anniversary Pub Quiz Saturday night, so I'll be somewhat functional.

1The Tuff Luvs and whoever was the opening act. I didn't catch their name. The other act, well, was okay, but not one I really liked or would have paid cover charge just to see and hear.

2The movie basket is a nice basket if I do say so... Rush Hour 1 & 2, a martial arts DVD, gift certificates to Sal & Mookie's, Fondren Beverage Emporium, and Blockbuster, popcorn, IBC root beer, candy.... Jeez... I might have to give the root beer away to someone... I've not had sweet tea or a regular caffeinated cola since January.

3There are a lot of pages, but fortunately are very quick reads. I finished books 5&6 at around 4-5 a.m., so not bad at all.


At 16 July, 2007 07:59, Blogger Super Mom said...

Don't ask my why but I wouldn't have taken you for a Rush Hour kind of guy.

BUT...recently at the movies I saw the trailor for RH3 and OMG...it had me laughing so hard. Might possible be the funniest of the 3. (unless they used up the best clips in the preview)

Sometimes, hilarious and pointless movies are just what the soul needs.

At 16 July, 2007 09:39, Blogger The Library Guy said...

I've actually not seen either Rush Hour flick. I've not had the opportunity; however, I am a fan of martial arts flicks and, more broadly, Asian cinema.

I've heard great things about the movies and have a good feeling that I will enjoy them. I agree with you that pointless can be very good as far as movies are considered.

At 16 July, 2007 11:34, Blogger Lorelei Leigh said...

I debating whether or not to pick up the new Harry Potter at midnight this time around. The last one I got the next morning after I got up, and I don't remember when I actually started reading it, but I finished it at around midnight or 1 a.m. I was reading it with a friend, and she finished about an hour before I did, which was really bad, because she'd react to what was happening and I wasn't there yet, and it made me want to flip ahead and find out what was going on. This time, I'll be all alone, though. So that's good.

At 16 July, 2007 12:33, Blogger The Library Guy said...

Another reason for me to read the book when it comes out is that there's a decent chance I'll run into someone who'll spoil the whole thing for me at Pub Quiz. I'm going to be so tired Friday that I very likely will head up to Starkville Thursday evening. I've got to see what rooms are available though.


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