13 July 2007

Wine, Women, and Song

The best Chardonnay in California costs less than $3.

Charles Shaw Chardonnay, better known as "Two Buck Chuck," beat hundreds of other wines and was named the top prize in a prestigious tasting competition in California.

"The characteristics that we look for in our gold medal winner … a nice creamy butter, fruity … it was a delight to taste," said 2007 California State Fair Commercial Wine Competition judge Michael Williams.

I received a thank you card from Coppertop and her hubby. They love the coffee grinder and towels. They're getting settled in Texas.

I thought I might have to go to Hattiesburg this afternoon after work to help out at my mother's shop. Since the forecast calls for rain this weekend, she doesn't need me. I'll be here this weekend.

I suppose I'll be at the Capitol City Roller Derby Girls to-do at Hal & Mal's tonight and listen to some music. And tomorrow, I don't know... I'll think of something.

Oh, one last (but certainly not least) thing. What's worse than turning 40 years old? How about turning 40 years old on Friday the 13th? Happy birthday to my pla C.


At 13 July, 2007 13:58, Blogger The Topiary Cow said...

Probably just as well not to travel this afternoon, Cow's co-worker keeps announcing doom-filled forecasts for a big storm heading this way.

BTW library guy Cow liked the picture of you and your friends you posted a while ago but it was regrettably lacking in Topiary.



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