10 July 2007

Donegal Bay

Book club meets in two hours. I got off work a little over an hour ago and am relaxing.

I did some interlibrary loan work, looked through our periodicals subscription list, and met with a vendor. Not too bad really. Just time-consuming. I need to get back on my main summer project.

Hattiesburg was nice. I got to relax some when I wasn't watching the shop. Even when I was watching the shop, I was able to finish reading The Long Goodbye and finally make serious headway into Children's Hospital.

I saw my friend K. She and her husband are getting a divorce. I'd not seen her in nearly three months and we got a chance to visit for awhile Friday night in Hattiesburg with her friend R.

I exchanged some emails with one of my Latvian friends today. I've known Irina & Zanda since I was working at the public library in Laurel. They were au pairs. Zanda now lives here in the U.S. Irina & her husband moved to Ireland after Latvia became a member of the European Union.1

Irina emailed me some photos and some links to some places they've been to in Ireland.2 I believe I need to renew my passport and go to Ireland.

1Here's a link to a photograph taken some five years ago in Riga, Latvia: L-R, Aigars (then boyfriend now husband of Irina), Irina, Zanda, and me.

2Here are links to photographs of Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge and Slieve League at Donegal Bay. Irina also included links to the Cliffs of Moher and a google image search of Giant's Causeway. Incidentally, Pezgirl also emailed me a link to some photos she took of her trip to Greece, and now Greece is on my to-go-to list.


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