02 July 2007

Quizzical Commentary

After a few days and fifteen responses, I suppose I'll go into detail about the questions that are in the quiz. A lot of people thought I was reading Lucky Jim or At Swim-Two-Birds. More people answered the car question correctly than I had figured.

Congratulations go to Colette and Dylan for both scoring 70s. The Diplomat did score a 100, but he took the test twice.1

While I have driven all four cars listed in that question, my first car was indeed the Delta 88 Diesel. My sister's first car was the Pacer. My folks liked the Lincolns.

I have degrees in Communication and History from Mississippi State University and in library and information science from the University of Southern Mississippi. I don't have a degree in political science.

Where did I not go to school? As previously mentioned, I have degrees from MSU and USM. I took a couple English classes at the University of Southern Indiana the summer before my senior year in high school. I've not attended a single class at the University of Mississippi.2

My only intramural championship was in sports trivia. I still have the t-shirt someplace. I'm about 70 percent deaf in my right ear, which means sitting to my left is always a good option. However, when working in a library where many people are inclined to whisper, I often have to tell people to speak up.

When I'm at a place like Hal & Mal's with a band playing, people have to shout for me to hear them. I've been known to tell friends when it's been really loud that if they're saying something they want me to hear, just punch my shoulder, so I can try to pay attention.

I purchased this Decemberists album last week.3 Most people who didn't answer this correctly responded with the North Mississippi Allstars, another good answer.

I'm trying to read The Long Goodbye. I've not gotten far into the book yet, but should be finished by next week which is when we meet.

I've not seen the Braves play at Turner Field. With my sister and her family formerly residing in the Bay Area, I've seen the Giants play at Candlestick and at AT&T. I've also seen St. Louis play in the most recently demolished Busch Stadium a few times.

I've mentioned my master's thesis in previous posts. It concerned the oil and gas industry.

And, finally, I do not own a book personally inscribed to me by John Grisham. I have one book with his autograph. Penn & Teller inscribed this book to me after I saw them perform at the Warfield in San Francisco in 1990. Garry Trudeau inscribed a Doonesbury collection to me at a bookstore in Menlo Park.

1He also made a 30 the first time, so Otherjay is the bookclubber in the lead at the end of it all.

2I did, however, apply for law school there and at Mississippi College back in 1989. I thought about attending MC, but decided against it. For what it's worth, I also attended classes at Jones County Junior College.

3I also purchased this album last week as a gift for a co-worker, but it was purchased before I bought the Decemberists CD.


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