11 November 2006

Watching the Alabama-LSU football game...

I'm visiting my mother at Canebrake. I've not seen her in about three weeks

I've been so busy with work that I've not had a chance to have too much fun. Now that the conference and the reaccreditation visit are complete, I have more time to devote to library work.

I finished work on an interlibrary loan project that my boss wanted to be completed a couple of months ago. Things weren't as simple as hoped though. Emails with people at three different institutions finally came up with the right answer to this particular dilemma. So, project complete.

I've got some other stuff on my to-do list. I've got to work on getting access to a particular database that we were promised by a subcontractor of one of our vendors. I was contacted by a vendor representive recently, and I need to send that rep the information I had emailed the subcontractor.

I also need to show a new co-worker how to do one particular job responsibility. There's also the study hall, but there aren't many sessions left.

I didn't feel too great last weekend. I went out, but was in a bit of a blah mood-- I think it's a seasonal thing. I didn't feel too well Saturday. I had a slight fever and slept for more than a good portion of the day. I wound up being wired not falling asleep until mid-morning Sunday. So, my sleep pattern has been out of whack all week long.

I went out yesterday. I went to Nagoya. I had some sushi and gyoza. Yum.

I also went to Fenian's. I saw some people I knew. One person I'd not seen since he left the college two to three years ago. It was good to visit with him.

I was still fairly tired though. When I'm tired, I'm not nearly as sociable as I am usually. So I left and went back to the house.

Driving down to Hattiesburg, I noticed that Magee already has put up their Christmas lights. Christmas lights already...


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