29 October 2006

Country Wolf, City Deer

This past week has been a week of meetings for me. I attended a meeting in Jackson on Tuesday.

When I returned to the college later that day, I prepared for a state conference where I would be for the next three days. It went well.

I had different responsibilities ranging from co-presenting, to chauffeuring, and delivering-- and these responsibilities were the ones I knew of before I had left the college for Tunica. There were a couple of things that came up during the conference. I needed to attend some meetings that I hadn't originally intended to attend, but they were beneficial.

Driving north on Interstate 55, I saw a gray wolf standing alongside the highway. I don't recall having seen a wolf in many years. I thought seeing it was a bit cool.

The weather in north Mississippi and Memphis was mostly dreary for the conference until it was almost over Friday. I did get to see some people I'd not seen in quite some time-- some I'd not seen since the last conference two years ago.

I returned Friday evening. I relaxed. I went to Cups.

I went to Fenian's. I saw the Cardinals beat the Tigers to win the World Series.

I went to Martin's. I visited with friends. I was probably still a bit loopy from traveling. I'd not had much sleep.

Driving back to my house, I saw two deer in West Jackson. I'll be back at the library tomorrow.


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