18 October 2006

Four Yorkshiremen

Wednesday night. It's already been a long week.

This past weekend was fairly restful. Friday night, I went out to Fenian's before going to Don's and Martin's. I was able to relax, and that was good.

Saturday night, I saw a play at the college. It was good.

Sunday. I didn't do much Sunday.

Monday, I went to a car dealership to get my car serviced. I also worked that night at the library.

I've been working every weekday evening so far this week. I did a stint of study hall tonight in place of someone else who could work for me next Thursday evening while I'm attending a conference.

I had a study hall yesterday evening, and another tomorrow evening.

Then there's book club and then the weekend.

I don't know whether I'll be here or Hattiesburg or both. We'll see.


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