11 October 2006

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

The past few days have served as a bit of a breather for me. I went to Fenian's Friday evening. I ate a little dinner, drank a couple pints of Guinness, and relaxed.

I then went over to Martin's. I caught a very little bit of the Scissormen, but missed Scott Albert performing. I left earlier than anticipated. I wasn't feeling all that great. Perhaps it was just the aftereffects of everything that had been going on, but I just wanted to get back to the house and relax. And so I did.

I vegged for the whole weekend. I needed sleep, and I got it.

I didn't have to be at work Monday, and instead of working at the library like I normally do, I went over to Fenian's again. I relaxed for a little while and then headed back to the house because I needed to be at work early Tuesday morning.

I wasn't feeling well Tuesday-- neither were a couple of co-workers. One didn't show up to work; the other did, but was very much under the weather. I struggled through work and study hall. When I returned to the house, I was exhausted and needed sleep.

I arrived at work later than normal today, but I was feeling better. I suspect I might have been suffering from caffeine withdrawal. I've not had coffee since Friday, which is extremely abnormal for someone who considers it to be the nectar of the gods.

And so, here I am at Cups on a Wednesday evening. I've still not had coffee. In a perverse way, I want to extend this streak of non-coffee drinking for a little while longer. I'm sure it'll end tomorrow.

Now that I've got a bit of a breather, I'm getting more and more prepared for a conference presentation. It shouldn't be too bad. I'm going for something fairly informal, which should work.

I'm also trying to get some stuff accomplished with regard to a student organization of which I serve as the faculty sponsor. We had a meeting earlier this evening and plan to have another meeting sometime next month.

Tomorrow is another busy day. Even with the short work week and people being sick, I still hope I can get some housekeeping stuff accomplished.


At 11 October, 2006 21:34, Anonymous Harry said...

So you can answer one of the eternal questions - what does on drink ata coffee bar if not coffee?

At 11 October, 2006 21:43, Blogger The Library Guy said...

Heh. Well, normally, I would have had coffee or perhaps a mocha frappuccino with an espresso shot. I'm in this perverse mood though, so I had a parfait and a diet coke.


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