14 November 2006

Wastin' Away Again in Chimneyville

Pickin' at the crumbs of a muffin...

Okay, that line's certainly no lost shaker of salt, and that's why Jimmy Buffett is a wealthy man and I'm not.

One of my former student workers at the library sent me a myspace message. He asked me to pass along a few messages and also mentioned that he's in a death metal Rod Stewart tribute band named Reason to Bereave.

When Cross Dressers attack? Pepper spray at Northpark Mall? Wonderful.

I've got a Book Club meeting tonight.

Yesterday, I contacted a vendor regarding a project that I've had to put off because I've been way too busy working on other things. It looks like that we've gotten a lot of stuff squared away. Now I just need my boss to sign off on it, which should happen, and then folks at my college will have access to another database most likely beginning next semester. I hope it'll be helpful.

Two lost paintings by the Renaissance master Fra Angelico have been found at a librarian's house.

Next week is Thanksgiving week. The college won't be in session, but will be open for business for a couple of days. That's good. I can catch up on one other thing and see if I can go over another project with a new co-worker. I've not had much time to go over particular details of this responsibility. It's not too difficult I think. It just takes time to go over everything.

Oh, and I'm trying to convince Sally to make like Andy Kaufman and lip synch to the Mighty Mouse Theme.

Let's see... what else... Oh yeah, I need to send some emails to people. I've got another project I need to get taken care of pretty quickly. I'll see if I can get that done (or at least started) tomorrow.

The Anime Club meeting went well. We met this past Wednesday. A good number of students showed up, which is good. Since it's so close to the end of the semester, we won't meet again before the end of the semester. We will meet next semester though.

...But I know, it's nobody's fault.


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