15 November 2006

Football Playoff Predictions, Year 2, Week 3

I went 50-10 in my predictions last week. I'm now 89-19, which is a little over 82 percent correct. My best picks for last week:

2A: Amite County (3-seed winning)
3A: Raleigh (2-seed defeating 1-seed on the road)
4A: Lafayette County (2-seed defeating 1-seed on the road)
MPSA AA: Central Hinds (runnerup winning on the road)
MPSA AAA-I: MRA (runnerup winning on the road)

Booneville is the bracket buster this year. The Blue Devils are the only remaining 4-seed in the playoffs and have a good chance of advancing since they host. Amite County and Charleston are the last two 3-seeds.

MHSAA Playoffs (all Friday)

Class 1A Quarterfinals
Weir, R2 #2 at Vardaman, R1 #1
East Webster, R1 #2 at Benoit Brooks, R2 #1
Mercy Cross, R4 #2 at Puckett, R3 #1
Lake, R3 #2 at Mt. Olive, R4 #1

I went 8-0 last week. I think all 1-seeds will advance to the semifinals. Lake has a good shot at defeating the Pirates though.

Class 2A Quarterfinals
Baldwyn, R1#1 at Simmons, R4 #1
Calhoun City, R2 #1 at West Bolivar, R3 #1
Amite County, R6 #3 at East Marion, R8 #1
St. Andrew's, R6 #1 at Union, R5 #2

TD is quite happy I went 7-1 in my predictions-- especially since the one miss was the Saints win over Lumberton. Look for a Delta North State Championship. The Saints should advance to face East Marion.

Class 3A Quarterfinals
Ripley, R1 #1 at Booneville, R1 #4
Nettleton, R2 #1 at Charleston, R4 #3
SE Lauderdale, R5 #1 at Hazlehurst, R6 #2
Franklin County, R7 #1 at Collins, R8 #2

4-4. I should have picked the Charleston and Hazlehurst wins. I'm predicting a Cinderella North State championship game between a 3-seed and a 4-seed. Hazlehurst and Franklin County should meet to determine the South State winner.

Class 4A Quarterfinals
Lafayette County, R2 #2 at West Point, R1 #1
Clarksdale, R2 #1 at Yazoo City, R3 #1
Picayune, R8 #1 at Wayne County, R5 #1
Terry, R6 #1 at Forrest AHS, R7 #1

7-1. I guess I didn't give Yazoo City enough respect. I'm going with West Point, Clarksdale, Wayne County, and Terry.

Class 5A Quarterfinals
Clinton, R2 #2 at South Panola, R1 #1
Olive Branch, R1 #2 at NW Rankin, R2 #1
Moss Point, R4 #2 at Oak Grove, R3 #1
Meridian, R3 #2 at George County, R4 #1

8-0. I'll pick one 2-seed, Olive Branch, to advance.

MPSA Playoffs (all Thursday except for AAA)

Class A Quarterfinals
Bayou, D1 #1 at Benton, D4 #1
DeSoto, D1 #2 at Briarfield, D3 #1
Wayne, D5 #1 at River Oaks, D8 #1
Glenbrook, D8 #2 at Trinity Episcopal, D7 #1

6-2. I thought Huntington would win, and they didn't. Winona Christian lost. I didn't expect the Stars to lose in the first round of the playoffs, but figured that they would lose to Briarfield. I'm going with the home teams here.

Class AA Quarterfinals
Central Hinds, D3 #2 at Winston, D2 #1
Kirk, D2 #2 at Leake, D3 #1
Copiah, D5 #2 at Bowling Green, D6 #1
Porters Chapel, D4 #2 at Brookhaven, D5 #1

6-2. I missed Copiah and Porters Chapel. The home teams should win. Copiah should give Bowling Green a good game.

Class AAA Championships (Friday at Mississippi College)

Division II
Magnolia Heights, D1 #1 vs. Lamar, D2 #1
Division I
MRA, D2 #2 vs. Jackson Prep, D2 #1

4-0. I'm predicting Magnolia Heights and Prep to win the AAA titles.


At 17 November, 2006 21:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

porters chapel 33, brookhaven 21

At 20 November, 2006 09:29, Blogger The Library Guy said...

I saw that score. My picks were pretty messed up this past week. My upset picks didn't pan out and some teams I thought would win, didn't. I wouldn't be surprised to see Porters Chapel in the AA finals since the Eagles host Copiah Friday.


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