13 September 2006

A Red Baron Pizza with Loads of Tangential Toppings

Life's been busy for me and I hardly ever get a chance to blog about subjects of (sometimes very) tangential interest. Now is actually a good time for me to be tangential.

I finished reading Ada for book club yesterday evening. I skimmed through the section that I was supposed to read through for book club. We didn't meet though-- with the people leading busy lives, and well, life happening, we couldn't meet.

While I was at Pub Quiz, I thought for a moment that I was going to have to be thrown out of the Librarians Club. One of the questions concerned the profession of the Brothers Grimm, and I said "publishers" to my teammates who agreed with me.

The answer was librarians, which goes to prove that you can't always go by what's in Wikipedia. Oh well, the team still won, which was indeed cool.

I've not actually attempted to read the Susanna Clarke book yet, and it looks like that I'll be reading this book I got via interlibrary loan before I read the Clarke bok.

I had heard great things about the book, but hadn't thought about reading it until I read a list of recommendations by Bill Simmons of ESPN. Since the link's activity may time out any day now, I'll include what he wrote about the book:

When I made my plunge into the Premier League last month, people kept telling me to read Franklin Foer's book and I finally succumbed. It's well worth the time. It's like "Freakonomics" and "Blink," one of those mainstream intellectual books for dummies like us. You learn some stuff, you feel smart after you're done, and then you can impress people at dinner one night by bringing up anecdotes from the book. This one raised my IQ by about four points ... well, for about three days, until a Wednesday night when I watched "Rock Star" and "Laguna Beach" back to back, followed by an all-gay episode of "Next" that ended with a medieval joust.

Incidentally, Simmons also recommended this David Foster Wallace book. I might have to give it a try sometime.

Oh geez, he also recommended this cheesy funny Youtube video. I couldn't help but to laugh when I saw it.

Hmmm... Now this is, well, I don't know what to say:

A few days ago, I was reading this Time.com article on showhorses, and my brain wandered as is wont to do. Nearly fifteen years ago when I was in graduate school, my folks had satellite TV. One of the channels they could get featured this person (you know, I didn't know that 1. his name was trademarked and 2. he died).

I remember several years ago when Robin Williams was on an episode of Saturday Night Live. He portrayed Gene Scott in a sketch. I remember it being pretty funny. I also remember viewing some episodes of Scott's programming on his channel. Very interesting to say the least, but what do you expect of an ordained minister who recommended books, cigars, and wine and also featured equestrian riders-- not to mention horses.


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