02 September 2006

Labor Day Weekend

I'm at my mother's house in Canebrake. Yesterday, my mother emailed me to let me know that one of my cousins had died. I stayed here in the Jackson area because that's where my cousin had lived, which is where the service would likely be.

After I left work yesterday afternoon, I ran by the house to take care of a couple things before heading over to Cups in Fondren to have a mocha frappuccino. I wanted to relax for a while before seeing my old high school play at Canton Academy.

Heidelberg Academy lost 6-0 in overtime-- losing on a gadget play, a halfback pass to the receiver. My old school played well. The Rebels had a chance to win, which was amazing since Canton should have won easily.

My old high school is an MPSA Class A school. Schools in this classification are the smallest in the MPSA, which means they're really small. For example, I was among twenty-four people who graduated from Heidelberg Academy over twenty years ago.

Canton is an MPSA Class AA school, which is also very tiny, but the Panthers roster is larger than Heidelberg's. I would have thought that Canton's coach should have emphasized power football and rotated their players in order to tire out the Rebels. However, they didn't because the coach is new, very likely wants to install his system, and wants the players to get accustomed to the system.

After the football game, I drove to Jackson. I stopped by Nagoya and ate some sushi and then went downtown. I went over to Martin's and WCDon's. Many of the usual and expected suspects showed up. Considering my day, I had fun.

I went back to the house at 1:30 Saturday morning and fell asleep at 2:45. Five and a half hours later, I hear my cellphone. i answer it too late, but saw that it was my mother who called. I called her back, and she let me know that my cousin's service was scheduled to be at 11 today.

My mother calls me again at 10. She, my aunt (my mother's sister), and my uncle (aunt's husband) are in Magee traveling north and wondering if it would be better to take 49 up to the interstate and then take the interstate to Byram. I tell her it would be much better to take the left at Florence and go to Byram that way.

They did, and I met them at the funeral home. I saw one of my cousins (my dead cousin's sister), and then her father (who is my mother's brother). We visited for a little while, and then there was the service.

The service ended at 11:45. I drove my mother back to Canebrake. Incidentally, I still prefer my funeral to be conducted as described in this post.

My aunt and uncle are from Indiana and happened to be here visiting relatives this week. They drove over to Union to visit more relatives, as previously scheduled, before heading back up to Indiana.

We made it back to my mother's house a little before 1:30. She opened up her shop about a half hour later. I showed up at 2:30 and watched the shop for her.

I'm watching the Notre Dame-Georgia Tech game on ABC. Some sleep would be nice, and I think I'll get some.


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