22 August 2006

Welcome to Shermer

The fall semester started last week at the college. I've been busy with library projects such as getting ready for bibliographic instruction tours, doing some book ordering, and orientation of new student workers. One thing I've not gotten done is cleaning my office. It's a mess, and I need to clean it.
In addition to my regular library duties this fall, I've agreed to work a study hall two evenings a week. Hopefully, I don't have to be just like Principal Vernon.

This semester is going to be busy for me. I already work Monday nights at the library. The study hall will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. I'll have enough time to make the book club meetings. Some of my Wednesday evenings this semester look to be devoted to anime club. It looks to be yet another hectic semester.


At 24 August, 2006 17:23, Anonymous Harry said...

And I guess the cafeteria isn't open in the evening, so no coming out to have dinner.

At 25 August, 2006 06:37, Blogger The Library Guy said...


Indeed. Students can't go to the cafeteria while study hall is in session.


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