08 August 2006

A Grouping of Eagles and Other Flights of Fancy

Today was Faculty Convocation Day. I saw people I'd not seen since May. I also saw people I've not seen since June since there were instructors who taught classes during part of the summer.

It's hard to believe that the fall semester starts next week. This summer was hectic. I was able to accomplish some things, but not everything on my agenda.

I had a dental appointment this past Thursday. I brought along my iPod mini and was listening to artists such as Enigma, System of a Down, and Alison Krauss while having crown work done for some three hours.

Joy. At least there was nitrous oxide.

I arranged to take Friday off just in case. I needed it.

Before my dental appointment, one item on my agenda that I was able to complete was the library's periodicals subscriptions for this fiscal year. We resubscribed to the great majority of them.

One subscription that I've decided not to renew is that of the Clarion-Ledger. The library has subscribed to two copies of the newspaper for many years, and I like to read various sections of the newspaper as I've mentioned in previous posts. Also, some of my favorite Clarion-Ledger writers have blogs that are among my favorite links.

Unfortunately, the newspaper has had an extremely poor delivery record for many months. It's gotten to the point that I'm surprised when the newspapers are successfully delivered. Calling the Clarion-Ledger circulation department has become an activity that I've come to loathe.

We've been promised that a circulation manager would call. Many times. Of course, no one has called.

With no expectation of quality service from the Clarion-Ledger, I asked my supervisors and colleagues if I could cut back on the number of copies that we receive, and they said sure. So, instead of two Clarion-Ledgers, there will be only one. Not that it makes a difference anyway, the library has gotten one copy instead of two many a day.

The money that would have normally been used to purchase the second copy of the Clarion-Ledger? Well, it's going to fund subscriptions to some weekly newspapers in the area-- the Copiah County Courier, Crystal Springs Meteor, Port Gibson Reveille, and the Jackson Free Press.

I was reading Bill Simmons' column of August 4 the other day. He was asked what was the best performance of the national anthem at a sporting event. He mentioned six performances with the best performance being this rendition by Marvin Gaye at the 1983 NBA All-Star Game:

If you haven't already, I suggest you read him-- even if he's decided to support Tottenham Hotspur.

In other news, my mother's flying tomorrow to Evansville, Indiana, to visit my aunt (her sister), uncle, and family (cousin, husband, and sons). She'll be there for a few days.

My mother originally purchased the ticket in case Hurricane Chris headed north. As I've mentioned previously, she stayed in Hattiesburg during Katrina, but mentioned she didn't want to do that again if she could help it.

This trip is the first chance my mother's had to get away and do something without having to worry about my now recently deceased uncle. Hopefully, she'll have some fun.

I also plan on having some fun while she's in Indiana. Friday afternoon after work, I'm heading off to Laurel for Blues Bash.

I ran by the Lauren Rogers Museum last week and purchased a ticket, a t-shirt, and renewed my membership. For twenty dollars, you can eat barbecue, drink beer, and listen to music. For me, it's one of the few times I can head down to Laurel and am almost guaranteed to see a lot of my friends.

Membership information can be accessed here. The museum is one of Mississippi's treasures and is deserving of support.


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