19 July 2006

Gashouse Gorillas Revisited

A little over three months ago, I made mention of my yahoo fantasy league team. There've been some changes made to the team since the draft.

I've waived these players who were originally drafted: Richie Sexson, Andy Pettitte, Eddie Guardado, Sean Casey, Justin Duchscherer, José Vidro, Willy Taveras, Mike Piazza, Shea Hillenbrand, and Brady Clark. I didn't like waiving Pettitte, but I needed to thanks to a trade I had made.

I acquired Eli Marrero and Tim Wakefield on my team during the season, but waived them. I also acquired Jonathan Papelbon before the season, but traded him to help out my offense.

My slugging was terrible for a good portion of the first half of the season, so I traded away Randy Johnson and Papelbon for Jason Giambi and Armando Benitez. When I found out that Benitez had gotten injured, I decided to acquire Jeremy Accardo-- letting go of Pettitte in this instance.

The current roster:

C Brian McCann
I had been dissatisfied with Mike Piazza early in the season, and so I took a flier on McCann. He's turned out to be a good pickup for me-- making the All-Star Game.

1B Jason Giambi
I needed a slugger, so I traded for Giambi.

2B Rickie Weeks
Weeks is my usual starter at second base. He's a threat to steal bases and has a bit more pop in his bat than did Vidro.

3B Bill Hall
I got tired of Shea Hillenbrand, and so I acquired Hall from the free agency pool. Hall is the starting shortstop for the Brewers, but qualifies to be a third baseman (as well as 2B) in yahoo fantasy baseball.

SS José Reyes
He's hitting for average, steals bases, and has a little pop in his bat. He was also elected to the All-Star game, but didn't play because one of his fingers was cut by a spike.

LF Matt Holliday
He's a productive hitter who became an All-Star for the Rockies this season. He was the #2 slugger on my team and is still, I believe, in the top three.

CF J.D. Drew
He starts at right field for the Dodgers, but I have him at this position.

RF Michael Cuddyer
He bats fourth for the Twins and gives me a little flexibility in my lineup since he can also play at first, second, and third bases.

OF Kenny Lofton
He usually starts at center field for the Dodgers. He doesn't have much pop in his bat, but can steal bases, hit for average, and score runs-- not bad for a 39-year-old.

UT Albert Pujols
I intend for Pujols and Giambi to swap out at first base and the utility position when needed. My slugging suffered when Pujols was injured earlier this season with his strained oblique. To make matters worse, I was forced to replace him in the lineup with Sean Casey who hits for average, but is no slugger.

C Johnny Estrada
I acquired him when McCann was placed on the disabled list earlier this season. He's done well enough to keep a spot on the bench and play when needed.

OF Eric Byrnes
I acquired him via free agency when Reyes got injured just before the All-Star break. No, he doesn't qualify to play shortstop, but he can play all outfield positions, which means that there are at least two players who can play each position on the team.

SP Roy Oswalt
He's a great pitcher who needs more run support. I want him to win more games.

SP Félix Hernández
He's a good young pitcher who's been doing a little bit better lately. I'm looking for improvement though.

SP Javier Vázquez
He pitches for the White Sox, so there's a good chance for wins, but he's been giving up runs.

SP Josh Johnson
He was an early pickup for me who's done well for me this season. I wish I could say the same for...

SP Jason Marquis
He's started one game for me and gave up 12 earned runs in five innings pitched. I think he's been waived by two other teams in my league. Gee, I wonder why?

SP Aaron Sele
He's another late acquisition for me. Shortly after I made the trade for Benitez and acquired Accardo, I realized I was short on quality starting pitchers. I decided to go with a more pitching heavy lineup in the hopes that a quantity of starting pitching would work for me.

RP Brandon McCarthy
He's an occasional starting pitcher whose usual role is that of a setup man/long reliever. He's garnered a few holds for me (one of the statistical categories used for scoring in my league).

RP Jeremy Accardo
He was acquired when I read reports that Armando Benitez may be put on the disabled list. He got a few saves his first week. He's gotten a few holds as well. He's also insurance in case Benitez gets injured again.

RP Armando Benitez
He was acquired in the same trade as Giambi. I like what Benitez has done. He's getting saves for me, which is what I want. He and Accardo haven't hurt the team, and I also like that.

RP Brian Fuentes
The closer for the Rockies was a good draft pick for me. He made the All-Star roster for the NL. I wish he earned more saves though.

RP Takashi Saito
I acquired him originally to get holds for me, but has been closing games due to Eric Gagne's injury. Considering I don't have a top-notch closer anymore, I hope my makeshift group of closers will work for me.


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