01 April 2006

The 2006 Gashouse Gorillas

My yahoo league had its draft Tuesday evening, which is book club night for me, so I let the computer draft the players for me. I think the computer did a good job. I was assigned the second pick in the first round, which also means I got the next-to-last pick in the second round.

The first round selection:

Albert Pujols, 1B, Cardinals

The second round pick:

Roy Oswalt, SP, Astros

The third round pick:

José Reyes, SS, Mets

The fourth round pick:

Richie Sexson, 1B, Mariners

The fifth round pick:

Randy Johnson, SP, Yankees

The sixth round pick:

Félix Hernández, SP, Mariners

The seventh round pick:

Andy Pettitte, SP, Astros

The eighth round pick:

John Patterson, SP, Nationals

The ninth round pick:

Eddie Guardado, RP, Mariners

The tenth round pick:

Rickie Weeks, 2B, Brewers

The eleventh round pick:

Matt Holliday, LF, Rockies

The twelfth round pick:

Brian Fuentes, RP, Rockies

The thirteenth round pick:

Willy Taveras, CF, Astros

The fourteenth round pick:

Shea Hillenbrand, 3B, Blue Jays

The fifteenth round pick:

Brady Clark, CF, Brewers

The sixteenth round pick:

J.D. Drew, RF, Dodgers

The seventeenth round pick:

Mike Piazza, C, Padres

The eighteenth round pick:

Javier Vázquez, SP, White Sox

The nineteenth round pick:

Sean Casey, 1B, Pirates

The twentieth round pick:

Brandon McCarthy, SP, White Sox

The 21st round pick:

Kenny Lofton, CF, Dodgers

The 22nd round pick:

José Vidro, 2B, Nationals

The 23rd round pick:

Justin Duchscherer, RP, Athletics

Three Astros. Three Mariners. Two Brewers. Two Dodgers. Two Nationals. Two Rockies. Two White Sox. No Cubs. It looks like a pretty decent draft for me. I've already gotten a trade offer for Pujols and Oswalt, which I rejected earlier this afternoon.


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