17 September 2006

Midnight Choir

Like a bird on the wire,
like a drunk in a midnight choir
I have tried in my way to be free.

I didn't do too much this past weekend. I went out. I slept. All in all, I thought it was a productive weekend. A weekend that doesn't add stress is a good weekend.

I attended a couple of football games. I saw Taylorsville defeat St. Andrew's 20-7 at Ridgeland. I highly recommend the burgers. The Episcopalians can cook a good burger.

I'd never been to the St. Andrew's campus before Friday. One must say campus when referring to St. Andrew's because it doesn't have the look of many of the public schools and private academies where I've attended events. Impressive. Based on what I've heard and read about St. Andrew's, I would think that if I had children and money, both would go to St. Andrew's.

I went to Don's after the game. It was good to visit with people and relax, and relaxation is much needed.

I got up Saturday morning to get ready to attend a funeral. I saw Mississippi State lose to Tulane. I already knew State was in for a long season when the Bulldogs didn't score against either South Carolina or Auburn.

I decided to wear an all-black ensemble-- black Mississippi State shirt, black pants, black Reeboks, and topped off with a black cap purchased at the Cullis Wade Depot, and then sat with a good friend of mine who lives up in Starkville.

We left when Tulane scored midway through the third quarter to make the score 32-7. State, of course, came back to make the score respectable, but then again, since when is a loss to Tulane respectable?

I made it back to Jackson and went to Don's, then Martin's-- and after some driving around-- Fenian's very briefly after 1 a.m. I was pretty tired though, and when I went to bed, I slept for some ten hours. Next week's going to be pretty hectic for me, so the sleep is very much welcome.

Other stuff of note:

Chip has a showing at Gallery 119 until the end of the month. My worklife's been so busy that I didn't know about that article until a couple days ago.

Jeff the giant orange cat now has a myspace page.


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