31 May 2006

This is your President! I'm here to help you!

Yesterday evening, I attended a book signing & reading (more of a talk, really) by Douglas Brinkley at Lemuria. He talked about his book, and also incidentally related a tale concerning Lyndon Johnson when he was in New Orleans after Hurricane Betsy struck New Orleans. The details of which I've taken from a David Remnick New Yorker article.

In the Ninth Ward, Johnson visited the George Washington Elementary School, on St. Claude Avenue, which was being used as a shelter. “Most of the people inside and outside of the building were Negro,” the diary reads. “At first, they did not believe that it was actually the President.” Johnson entered the crowded shelter in near-total darkness; there were only a couple of flashlights to lead the way.

“This is your President!” Johnson announced. “I’m here to help you!”

I've taken the day off work today. I'll be back at work Thursday.

The library's doing a birthday party for me on Friday. I turn 39 Monday, which is also the first day of summer school. Since I work Monday evenings when school's in session, I'll be coming in late Monday and working on my birthday.

I'm heading down to Hattiesburg after work Friday. I'll be helping out at my mother's shop again this weekend.

The National Spelling Bee started today. It'll finish up tomorrow evening live on ABC. Here's a list of words that appeared on the written portion of the bee.


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