30 May 2006

Begin the Beguine

More people are here at the library today. It's been pretty quiet though. I've been checking in periodicals again as well as signing out people.

Employees of the college who are leaving have to be signed out at various places to make sure that they don't have anything outstanding such as checked out books on their accounts.

A couple of weeks ago, some applicants for a vacant position came in for interviews. I didn't have anything to do with the hiring process. I did meet two of the candidates, but not the third. The new person will be starting in a couple days.

After work, I'll be heading over to Lemuria for the Douglas Brinkley signing and reading. I'm sure I'll see some of my compadres there.

One good thing about it being between the semesters here at the college, I can listen to Pandora while working. I'm currently listening to this song. It's pretty good.


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