14 May 2006

Famous Blue Raincoat

I went down to Hattiesburg Friday afternoon after work at the library. What with this weekend being Mother's Day Weekend, I knew my mother's shop would be busy.

I made great time driving here-- arriving a little after 6 p.m. Saturday was busy at the shop. I was lifting a lot of potted plants and putting them in cars, trucks, and SUVs-- well, most of them. I did drop one. No damage to the plants though. My mother repotted them pretty easily.

I still don't know how I dropped it. I managed to get the really heavy pot in the back of the truck. I thought the smaller pot would be a piece of cake, but obviously not. My arms and shoulders ache. My back's also letting me know that it's there.

I gave my mother her Mother's Day gifts Friday evening. I had gone by Lemuria to find a book or two for my mother. I wound up buying three-- one of them for me. I forgot to see if the latest version of The Complete Peanuts was at Lemuria. I'll check there again sometime this week, possibly the next week.

For my mother, I bought Penumbra and Water for Elephants. She likes Carolyn Haines books. I don't know if she'll like the other. The person I spoke to at Lemuria recommended it, so we'll see.

I also purchased Louisiana Power and Light. I've not had a chance to read it yet. I've been reading Nightshade, which I finished earlier today, and Master & Margarita.

I promised Professor Fury that I'd post my impressions of Nightshade, & I'll do it later this week. It's quite different from Jujitsu for Christ, but there are more similarities than one would imagine considering the settings for both books.

I'll be at work tomorrow. I mentioned previously that the library has a couple of job openings. Interviews for one position begin tomorrow. I'll find out who's interviewing when the applicants arrive.


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