30 April 2006

Being There

This past week has been somewhat hectic as usual for me. During the week, I've had:

• The usual library work.
• Local library association matters-- attending a meeting and awaiting scholarship applications. I'm on the association's scholarship committee.
• Paying belated dues to the state library association. I normally pay at the state conference, but didn't because it was cancelled due to Katrina.
• Working on getting a conference presentation for the same state library association finalized. It's not quite there yet, but it will be. I need to send an email query, and I'll do that this evening.
• Anime club. The final meeting of the semester was this past Thursday evening.
• Attending a teleconference on Google Book Search.

I'm in Hattiesburg again. I've helped my mother at her shop this weekend. I guess I'm the muscle of the operation. There's some heavy pots, and I get to carry them out. I had the pleasure of carrying out a few particularly heavy pots. I think I'll be calling a masseuse and see if I can get a 30-minute upper body massage this coming week.

Final exams begin soon at the college. I've got to attend some functions in the next few days. There's always book club. Also, there's my college's spring banquet. A co-worker and I are also planning to attend a party sponsored by a local alumni chapter for my alma mater's new president. It should be interesting.


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