21 April 2006

Lazy Friday

I'm at my mother's house in Canebrake. The past few days have been pretty hectic. Between the end-of-the-semester reports, homework, essays, and tests, news concerning our library consortium, and my continued adjustment to being a morning person, it's been busy.

I've mentioned before that I'm faculty sponsor of the college's Anime Club. We met last night. One of the students brought a DVD of episodes based on novels and manga from Read or Die.

I found the idea of the British Library as kind of a mix of MI5 and MI6 to be amusing-- not to mention the idea of a library having a Special Operations Division. I may just have to buy the manga.


At 22 April, 2006 13:15, Blogger librarian pirate said...

My kitten is named Nenene after Nenene Sumirigawa in that series. I've only seen the anime - the manga is good too? I might have to pick it up.

At 22 April, 2006 18:28, Blogger The Library Guy said...

It's apparently popular. I've not read the manga yet though.


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