15 April 2006

Pottery & Pork

I've been at my mother's house just outside Hattiesburg since Thursday evening. The college didn't have classes yesterday, and it was a school holiday, which meant that I didn't have to be at work.

While I'm here, I'm helping her at her shop. I've mentioned previously that she's opened up a new business-- she's selling pottery and other garden-type stuff. It's in a new-- I hesitate to say strip mall because there's not many shops-- building, and her business is the first to open. It's also the first with electricity, air conditioning, and water. Phone lines haven't been installed yet though, but they will be.

Yesterday I helped a little with arranging the pottery, etc. Today, I helped out at the shop-- mostly providing musclepower, but also doing some selling.

She's had advertisements aired on the radio as well as print ads in her local paper. People have been paying attention to them, which is good for her.

After we closed for the day, she drove to the house. I went to Leatha's and bought two small pork rib plates and one pulled pork plate to go. While some of my fellow alumni from Mississippi State believe that Little Dooey has the best Mississippi barbecue, I've got to give the nod to Leatha's.


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