10 May 2006

World War II & Other Things

I'm at the college. Final exams ended yesterday. Now that it's between semesters, we're working on getting some housekeeping work done.

Storage closets were cleaned. One colleague is changing offices. I've been providing some desk coverage while checking in periodicals.

Students have come to the library. They're returning overdue books and paying fines so they can take classes in the summer and fall semesters.

Yesterday evening, a co-worker and I went to the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame to attend a reception featuring the new president of Mississippi State University.

There weren't many people in the our age range at the reception when we were there. There were recognizable faces there (college officials, a former basketball player, a former SA president, & at least one elected official). It was different & lacked the atmosphere of the alumni chapter's Extravaganzas, which I generally find to be more welcoming.

We left early to go to Little Tokyo. I had sashimi and sushi. She had chirashi. We talked for awhile.

I saw this article today at the Clarion-Ledger website. Here's the first paragraph of the article:

Mississippi veterans of World War II have the opportunity to attend a reunion at the National World War II Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC., May 20 and 21.

My father served in the Navy during World War II in the Pacific Theatre. He died nearly three years ago. In fact, it will be three years this coming Monday.


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