25 May 2006

Enter Sandman

I'm in Hattiesburg. What with the Memorial Day weekend upon us, my mother asked me if I could help out a little at her shop carrying out heavy pots again. While we've got a skeleton staff at the library between semesters, I was able to get away and not work tomorrow. I will have to work Monday though.

Yeah, we're open Monday. Considering we're getting two days for July 4 (Monday July 3 as well as the fourth), I consider that a decent trade-off.

I went to Lemuria yesterday. I put in an order for the latest edition of The Complete Peanuts. While at Lemuria, I was reminded of Douglas Brinkley's appearance this coming Tuesday. I was also told about another book signing & reading on Monday. I may just attend Monday's reading-- based purely on sheer potential entertainment value.

This week at the library, I spent a lot of my time checking in magazines and newspapers, ensuring that students paid their library fines so they could enroll for the summer semester, and clearing the stops on their records. I had the opportunity to work a little on state association matters. I worked on getting a meeting form ready.

I went to Pub Quiz again Tuesday evening. I ran into Gorjus and Polly (meeting him I think for the first time). We chatted for awhile. It was good to talk.

One thing I miss since I've been helping out my mother with her shop is that I don't socialize in Jackson as much as I had been. I think that's why I've been to the last two Pub Quizzes. A lot of people I know either go to PQ or I'll see them after PQ either at Martin's or Don's.

After Gorjus and Polly left, a guy I know from the college asked me if I wanted to play on his team. He and his friends (all Belhaven grads) played the Tuesday previously and witnessed the third place plundering by the Dread Pirate Roberts. I said sure, so we played. The questions were more difficult, but we finished in third place again.

After PQ, I went to Don's and socialized. When I started singing the chorus to Madonna's Lucky Star, I knew I had too much to drink, and so I drank nothing but diet cokes the rest of the night. I also went to Martin's where I spoke to the Twins and SAJ & a friend of his from Austin.

I took the day off yesterday. I relaxed. I ran some errands. I had gotten a new cellphone and needed to buy some accessories. I ran into the New Girl at Cups. We talked for awhile. She's reading a Murakami book.

I should finish reading M&M and Army of Shadows this weekend. I've got a couple other books I may read as well if I get the chance. I also need to visit friends in Laurel if I have time.


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