17 May 2006

Dread Pirate Roberts

I've made it in from being out and about this evening and night. I worked at the library for the day and then drove to Ridgeland and Jackson to run some errands.

Normally, I'd be at book club, but that was rescheduled to be later this week. I decided to head over to Hal & Mal's for Pub Quiz. I'd been meaning to go, but haven't been since the day after Katrina struck.

I arrived a little before 8 p.m. & sat at the bar. I ordered the red beans and rice with andouille sausage and a coke. After eating a little of the meal, I order a beer.

There are a lot of people playing. Many teams are present.

I see some people I know-- mostly people I've known from past experiences at Pub Quiz. I do see one person I know from the college. He works in a different area, but has come to the library on several occasions over the past year.

While teams can have up to six players, I decide early on to play solo. I've been known to do that. When I play solo, my game plan is not to finish in last place, and I didn't. I dub my team Dread Pirate Roberts and play.

I start slowly, but so do other teams. I find myself in a tie for third place. I work my way to a tie for second, but fall back to third, then fourth.

The quiz is a very Library Guy-friendly. General knowledge. In depth questions. Nothing terribly loopy.

Every time I do well, I shout Arrrr! When I'm puzzled or confused, I utter a bewildered Arr? The Pub Quizmistress gets tired of my Arrrs, but somehow the Dread Pirate Roberts is allowed to plunder.

When Pub Quiz is over, I find myself in sole possession of third place-- winning $20, all of which went towards a meal and drinks plus a tip.

After Pub Quiz, I walk across the street to Don's. I see FP, DT, Puggy, MM, Buck, and Jaysus. I stick around.

I have a few beers. I talk. I socialize. I tell stories badly. I have fun.

People begin to leave. I wander next door to Martin's. I relax for a moment. I watch a little of the Suns-Clippers basketball game. I still don't know who won.

I go back to Don's. I decide to head back home.

I normally wouldn't stay up this late on a Tuesday night, but school is out for the semester and I've already requested to have Wednesday off. I want to see Arsenal play Barcelona in the Champions League Final.

I'll be back at work Thursday morning. After work, there's book club.


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