05 April 2006

My mother has decided to go back into business...

My mother has always been the social type. She likes being out and about. She doesn't get the chance to do that as often as she did.

Some eight years ago, she started selling these:

Yep. Beanie babies. She started selling them about two years after my father was defeated for re-election for supervisor in Jasper County. She and my father had started off by going to fairs and festivals then they opened a shop in Laurel.

They then moved the shop to Turtle Creek Mall in Hattiesburg, where it had been until mid-2004.

My mother also opened up kiosks at Northpark, Bonita Lakes in Meridian (if I recall correctly), as well as Tuscaloosa. She began cutting back on the non-Hattiesburg shops a year before my father died.

She kept up the kiosk in Hattiesburg for about a year after my father died-- selling beanie babies for about seven years and doing pretty well at it.

Now, she wants to get back into retail again.

No, not beanie babies this time.


It looks like I'll be helping her some on weekends again much in the same way I helped out with the beanie babies.


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