02 April 2006

Saving Daylight

I'm in Hattiesburg. Well, Canebrake, to be precise. I'm visiting my mother.

I drove down here via Heidelberg this afternoon. I had a couple of errands to do today.

I had a decent weekend I believe. I spent the time relaxing and sleeping. I even did a little cleaning-- a little.

I thought about going to Crossroads, but I was just too tired Thursday & wanted to relax Friday and Saturday. After the goings on of this winter, I needed a little relaxation.

I went to Hal & Mal's Friday and Saturday nights. I also went to Don's. I listened to The Hong Kong perform. I'm pretty oblivious about them. I don't know who they are, but they sound good, but then I have a thing for rock bands with a female lead singer. Especially good singers. I bought one of their CDs.

I also renewed my Crossroads membership. I like to try to support the society even though I don't get a chance to see any of the movies on Monday nights. Sadly, I work on those nights. C'est la vie.

Saturday night, I was at Hal & Mal's and this very inebriated woman has the dancing jones.

Afrosippi is performing. I recognized one of the performers, but couldn't remember from where. Scott Albert Johnson mentioned that he was Jimbo Mathus who also performed with Burnside Exploration. He also mentioned if I recall correctly that one of the people also was in the Taylor Grocery Band. I remarked that they just needed Kenny Kimbrough on the drums, and SAJ said that he was on the drums, which prompted me to do a doubletake.

Kenny had a cap and an African printish-type outfit on-- not something I've seen him wear in his previous drumming gigs that I've witnessed-- and I've seen him perform previously with a few bands including Burnside Exploration, Taylor Grocery Band, and as the drummer for Slick Ballinger at the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art's Blues Bash a few years previously.

She dances by herself. She tries to get other guys to dance-- including a guy whose wife wasn't reacting too well to her efforts. Everyone else at that table was laughing.

Finally, I decided, what the heck. She wants to dance? She'll dance, then. I got her hand and twirled her around, and we danced for a few minutes.

I relaxed for a little while & then headed over to Don's. I was disappointed I didn't see Richard Johnston perform, but then again, the last time I saw him perform, I totaled my car the next day. I left Don's at 1:45. I made it back to the house at 3:05. Thank you, Daylight Savings.


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