19 June 2006


It's raining. There's thunder. There's lightning.

I'm working this evening at the library. I'll be off duty in a little less than two hours. I hope the bad weather will have settled down some.

I'll gladly take the rain. I'm no fan of thunder and lightning though.

Summer school is ongoing. Last week, I talked to a night class about library resources. I've also been at work on some projects.

I also purchased this CD. I heard some of the cuts via Pandora, and I thought so much of the music that I purchased the CD.

I was in Hattiesburg again this past weekend. I helped out my mother some with her shop.

I also looked after my uncle some. He's been ill, and has taken a bit of a turn for the worse in the past month. He'll turn 83 in August.

I've been busy with family-related stuff that I've not had much of a chance to do too much else. Since I'm not in Jackson as nearly as often on the weekends, I've gone out more often on weekday nights.

Although family matters have consumed more of my life, I've had some time to do other things. For example, I read all of Kafka on the Shore this past weekend.

We were only supposed to read the first third of the book for book club, but I was so engrossed in it that I kept on reading. And I finished.

I'm working this week. The next two weeks, I'll be on vacation. I need some time away. Coppertop and I are going to New Orleans for a roadtrip Sunday. The ALA Conference is in New Orleans this year, and apparently, it's the first major convention in New Orleans since Katrina. We're going. It should be fun. It should be interesting.


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